Ribb”IT” Review

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January 2018 Newsletter

  • Ransomware Attackers Are Increasing Their Attacks On Businesses
  • PayPal-Owned Company Sees Breach Of 1.6 Million Customers
  • Many Consumers Would Withdraw Business From Companies If Data Breached
  • Former Employees Pose Serious Risk To Security
  • Are You Protected?

December 2017 Newsletter

  • The Key to Career Success: Focus
  • The Phrase You Should Never, Ever Utter
  • Why Outsource Your IT?
  • Stay Small, or Get Big?
  • Getting Back To Business After A Natural Disaster
  • What You Can Learn From Being A Parent and An Entrepreneur

November 2017 Newsletter

  • But My Business is Not Like That One
  • Driving Big Traffic to Your Website via Pinterest
  • Mistakes are Just Short Moments in Time
  • How Do You Make it Easy For Customers to Choose You?

October 2017 Newsletter

  • You Don't Convince You Persuade
  • App of the month: Good Budget
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty: Lessons from StarTrek
  • The Mistakes that Could Kill your New Website
  • Why Showing Up at Trade Shows is a Good Idea for Your Company

September 2017 Newsletter

  • Surviving the Tough Times While Running Your Business
  • Don't Feel Bad When You Can't Meet Every Request
  • How to Improve Your Password Security... and Tips to Remember Your New Secure Password
  • Four Things To Tell Yourself to Make You Feel More Resilient
  • Do You Think Your Information is Safe? I Bet the Woman in This True Story Did Too

August 2017 Newsletter

  • If You're Using Social Media, You're Ahead of the Game
  • Long-Term Thinking
  • How to Win Back Customers You've Lost
  • Three Changes to Your Website That Are Proven to Improve Conversion
  • Exoskeleton's Revamped

July 2017 Newsletter

  • Annoying things on Your Website that Will Drive Business Away
  • How to Jumpstart your Small Business for Big Things This Year
  • The Key to Making Your Personal Productivity Skyrocket
  • Todays Technology: eSight 3
  • Typing Tricks

June 2017 Newsletter

  • How to keep your employees from leaking confidential information
  • Goal setting doesn’t work (And Santa Claus may not exist)

May 2017 Newsletter

  • Use This 9-Step Checklist: To Ensure Your Data Is Safe, Secure And Recoverable
  • How Sure Are You That Your Company And Its Data Is Protected
  • Believe You Can Be Extraordinary
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Surface Studio

April 2017 Newsletter

  • 7 Ways to Dodge a Data Disaster
  • The Misnomer of Failure
  • Be Disaster Ready

March 2017 Newsletter

  • “Lucky Charm” Keeps Hackers Out
  • Solve It By Sundown
  • Imagine careening through a virtual forest on the back of a Pegasus in a race against other fitness buffs...
  • Uber has added a new destination: people.
  • The Furbo Dog Camera lets you play with your pet from miles away.
  • Introducing the mercenary software that powered Trump and Brexit.

February 2017 Newsletter

  • That Fake App Just Stole Your ID
  • Smart Closing Techniques, Step 2
  • Your phone may be spying on you, warns Edward Snowden
  • This simple, 30-second breathing exercise wakes you up like a cup of coffee
  • No bigger than a water bottle when folded, this “personal drone” is packed with features

January 2017 Newsletter

  • 3 "Must-Do" IT Resolutions For 2017
  • Smart Closing Technique, Step 1
  • If you work at a standing desk, you'll love this.
  • Here's an easy way to start 2017 with a clean e-mail inbox
  • Imagine your tea, smarter and faster in 2017
  • Progress doesn't have to grind to a halt during an Internet outage