Small Business Cybersecurity Services

Everything you need to secure your data, your network,
and your business... all for one low fee.

Prevent Breaches

Be Prepared

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Empower Big Business CyberSecurity In Your Small Business With Frogworks

Could Your Business Survive a Cyber-Attack?

Most small businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to prevent cyberattacks. They assume, “That would never happen me... that stuff only happens to ‘big’ companies.” The problem is, that’s just not true.

In fact, over 80% of cyberattacks target small and medium businesses. And many of these companies never recover.

At Frogworks, we believe that even small businesses should have the security they deserve.

That’s why we provide all-inclusive cybersecurity solutions to keep your data, your network and your business safe.

How it Works

Step 1

We Evaluate Your Current Situation

Step 2

We Install Our Security

Step 3

You Sleep Better at Night

We Do It All - So You Don’t Have To!

Our All-Inclusive Cybersecurity Services Includes:

  • Security Assessments - Annual assessments of where you stand
  • Spam Email Prevention - Stop most breaches where they start: the email inbox!
  • Passwords Policies - Hard-to-hack passwords
  • Security Awareness Training - We train your team!
  • Advanced Endpoint Security - For all computers/laptops/devices
  • Offsite Backups - We make sure your data is backed up offsite, and that you can recover it quickly when you need it
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - Another line of defense if your passwords get stolen
  • Computer Updates - Keep all your software up-to-date
  • Dark Web Research - Is your data for sale on the black market? If so, we’ll find out
  • Firewalls: Intrusion Detection / Prevention - We keep the bad guys off your Network
  • Encryption - We make your data nearly impossible to read, so it’s not as attractive a target

Our Approach

5 Steps to Total Security

Step 1


We identify the risks and vulnerabilities inside your organization and your network.

Step 2


We set up safeguards to limit (or prevent) cybersecurity events.

Step 3


We actively “listen” to your network. If the bad guys try anything fishy, we will know right away.

Step 4


If anything happens (data breach, malware, ransomware, etc), we handle the root cause, mitigation, containment.

Step 5


After a security incident, we do recovery planning and improvements.

Empower Big Business CyberSecurity In
Your Small Business With Frogworks