We want our clients to have a long-term relationship with us, and that is why we strive to understand our client’s business first, and to understand their technology second

For any company, the first step toward ensuring long term success is to protect their mission- critical IT systems. Companies often spend a lot of money on buying technology solutions but overlook the implementation stage – a plan to actually put the technology in. What this means is that they are then charged with large project costs by vendors who are brought in to install the technology. This normally results in high overhead costs and loss of time and market opportunities. Frogworks, a managed IT services provider, was created to tackle this challenge by Alex Bleam, an experienced IT leader with a vision to bring about a new change in the industry. Alex understood that the primary challenge in front of IT companies was not only technology, but the lack of a long-term solution dedicated to maintaining the efficiency of the complete IT environment. His efforts to create a unique IT support system for companies has made Frogworks one of the most popular managed services providers in the Washington DC area. Founded in 2002, the company was first introduced in the industry as a simple IT services provider but later evolved to become a Managed IT Department for businesses of all sizes and industries. Alex says, “Over 16 years, there have been many challenges and bumps in the road. We have evolved from a break fix business, to managed services to what we call, a Managed IT Department.” With consistent growth and industry recognition on its side, Frogworks will look to stay ahead of technology changes and become a more valuable partner for its customers. Frogworks is a company that delivers a full range of IT support and managed services, dependable network security solutions, cloud services, data backup and disaster recovery and business phones systems.

Teaching Importance of Data Security

As today’s businesses move to implement more complex technology integrations, they must keep in mind the importance of data security to their overall business function. Frogworks makes sure its customers understand how critical it is to have someone standing watch over their data and they educate clients’ staff on how to be vigilant of suspected emails, viruses, and ransomwares at all times. Most small and medium sized companies do not have a concrete plan to safeguard their IT systems from cyber-attacks. Alex explains, “Some of our newest clients have seen persistent ransomware attacks affect their entire network; their current IT company just could not solve the immediate problem or find out how to prevent it from happening again. Frogworks takes an extensive approach to cyber security with all its clients, recognizing the need to protect data first. It focuses on innovative cyber security and data protection solutions and offers a free IT security assessment service to help companies evaluate risks and their likely business impact. Frogworks is a customer-centric company that measures its success based on the goals achieved by its customers.  Frogworks takes an intentional approach to understand customers’ problem first-hand and uses its resources to minimize the costs of implementation when it’s possible. “A break-fix company will never understand the ins and outs of how a company thinks or does business. We want our clients to have a long-term relationship with us, and that is why we strive to understand our client’s business first, and to understand their technology second,” says Alex.

Setting New Paths for the Future

Frogworks has seen the IT industry change and believes in implementing only those solutions that are proven and tested. Frogworks does not look to limit the scope of the technology by constantly changing and experimenting with a network. Rather, the company creates an environment suitable to the technology with the right productivity, investment, and efficiency. Alex explains, “Just looking at a client as someone you provide technology for is a big mistake.  Doing that, you miss out on the goals of the company and how you can help them achieve those goals.  Only when you understand their business processes at a detailed level it is possible to give them insight into how their customers see things and how technology can improve their business.” Alex aims to double Frogworks’ business year over year for the foreseeable future.  He wants his team to also grow with the company.  Setting new paths of innovation and helping the team enjoy their time in Frogworks is a major inspiration for Alex as he resolves to move the company forward. Alex revisits an interaction with an employee to conclude the discussion, “I had an employee chuckle at me when I told them this was going to be the hardest job they ever had.  He said, “I have worked at big companies, and that was hard.”  My response was, “Come see me in eight weeks and we’ll talk.” Eight weeks later he walked into my office and said, “Alex, my head hurts.” When I offered him some Tylenol, he said “It’s not that kind of hurt. You were right. This job is hard.” And that’s what makes Frogworks unique.  Anyone can fix a PC.  It takes a special type of company to invest the time and energy into understanding what makes each client unique.