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Top 30 + 1 Keyboard Shortcuts PC Users Should Know

You have probably been using a computer for many years at work and at home, and you are likely familiar with some ...

Is It Time to Consider Managed IT Services for Your Business?

If you're like many small or medium-sized businesses you rely on your computers and your network to get things done. ...

Are Ex-Employees Threatening Your Company's Security?

As a business owner you've probably taken steps to secure your network behind a wall of defenses and instituted monitoring practices to keep hackers out. But what if one of the biggest ...

Bitcoin in the Workplace - An Intro to Crypto Currency

The rise in popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is presenting new challenges for small and medium businesses, including security threats that ...

Better Parental Controls Underway For Apple Devices

Recently, a group of investors wrote an open letter to Apple, urging the company to do more in regards to offering better and more robust parental controls on the devices the ...

Select HP Laptop Models Recalled Over Battery Issue

Did you purchase an HP laptop between December of 2015 and December of 2017?  If so, then you may have problems. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has been made aware ...

Will Your Business Be Ransomware's Next Victim?

It's business as usual at the office, until a ransom note pops up on your computer screen. Your files have been encrypted and the only way to get them back is to pay up. You've become ransomware's next victim and ...

Nvidia Dropping Driver Support For Older Operating Systems

AMD long ago dropped support of 32-bit operating systems, and now, Nvidia is following suit. The long-anticipated move by the company will mean the end of driver support for the 32-bit builds ...

Microsoft May Remove Windows Paint From Operating System

"Paint" is one step closer to being a thing of the past. In May of this year, Microsoft caught a surprising amount of flak when they announced that the venerable app, which ...

Virus Spread Through Facebook Messenger Mines For Cryptocurrency

Facebook scams are fairly common occurrences, owing to the sheer size of the platform's user base. It's no surprise that there's a new one making the rounds that you should be ...

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