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“If It Hadn’t Been For Frogworks, There Is No Way We Could Have Gotten Things Done As Quickly As They Were.”

In a span of less than a week, with four of those days being holidays, Frogworks had us fully functioning with little notice! If it hadn’t been for Frogworks’ professionalism, amazing response, and expertise, there is no way we could have gotten things done as quickly as they were. Frogworks is a valuable trusted business partner in every sense of the word.

Roger-Blunt-01 Major General, Ret.,
Essex Construction, LLC
Annapolis, Alexandria, Washington DC | Frogworks
5 / 5 stars

“Frogworks Is Easy To Work With, Quick To Respond, And Dependable.”

Moving to the cloud was seamless, and it’s extremely easy to use. No matter what device employees are using, or where they’re located, they’re able to access the files on the cloud from their PC, MAC, or even iPad. Besides the quick, courteous, and dependable support Frogworks provides, having all the server files stored on the cloud has been a ‘life saver.

Liz-Small-Picture-11 Research Analysis And Engineering LLC
Annapolis, Alexandria, Washington DC | Frogworks
5 / 5 stars

“We Rely On Frogworks 100% For Managing The Network That Runs Our Three Surgical Centers.”

We rely on Frogworks 100% for managing the network that runs our three Surgical Centers. Frogworks designed and implemented them, and has supported them flawlessly for many years. Whatever the job is, we know it will be done right the first time, and at a reasonable cost. The owner is knowledgeable, quick, and totally trustworthy.

Dr.-Paul-Schwartz_01 Partner
Southern Maryland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Annapolis, Alexandria, Washington DC | Frogworks
5 / 5 stars

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Don’t have an in-house IT department or a reliable IT guy? Don’t worry! When you partner with Frogworks, you’re partnering with a dynamic team of technical experts who will help you get a real return on your IT investment. For a flat-rate fee, our innovative solutions and solid 24/7 support will lower costs while sending your productivity soaring.

  • Stop constantly stressing over finding the right solution for IT Support in Annapolis, Alexandria, or Washington DC

  • Stop asking yourself, “Why are dependable Network Services so hard to find?”

  • Frogworks helps companies like yours get reliable support they can actually count on.

  • We’re there for you 24/7 with IT consulting to make running your business worry-free!

With Frogworks as your strategic technology partner, you can:

  • Enjoy Greater Productivity – more uptime means more effective work time
  • Focus On Your Business Goals – we take technology concerns off the table, ensuring optimal performance
  • Rely On Guaranteed Asset Protection – your business data and network are safe and secure
  • Gain Peace Of Mind – 24/7/365 live on-call IT support when you need it most

Frogworks has the expertise you need to stop worrying about your IT Support. Like other similar business owners in your area, count on us, the reliable IT experts, to keep your network safe.


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